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Marco Rapaglia, Group CEO explains

Why TrustQore?

I am often asked why I have chosen to launch TrustQore, in the middle of a global pandemic, when industry trends lean towards consolidation of trust and fiduciary services and regulatory compliance is becoming ever more cumbersome. The answer is simple. I believe in delivering value to clients and ensuring that their wealth is preserved for generations to come.

It seems obvious to state that in order to be able to do that you need to take the time to understand your client, their relationships and objectives but also those of your own team to deliver value. All too often, trust and fiduciary providers supply a manger to look after a relationship without any thought as to the compatibility of that individual to the client and their ability to build a relationship that endures and provides satisfaction for both parties. It inevitably ends in a fractious situation that serves neither party.

It is also presently fashionable to throw around terms such as having a “strong culture” or being “sustainable” in your approach. Our thinking on this is that if there is a deep understanding of our clients, our ever-changing environment and of our people, the strength of our company will be in the relationships we form, develop and grow. Culture and sustainability will become organic evolving from the deep insights we gain and nurture. Ultimately our ability to serve our clients will be enhanced as a result.

We have constantly evolved to adapt to our environment, but we know our origins lie in Switzerland (hence the Suisse in our logo). We are already “International” and intend to grow our footprint further over the coming years. That growth will be driven by our Independence and our ability to ensure that our clients, our people, our environment and relationships are sustainable.

Reshaping the landscape of wealth

Wealth Structuring

With several qualified solicitors within the team, we can work with you and your advisers to determine the best strategy and structuring to preserve and protect your wealth.


The establishment of trusts and the provision of trustee and trust administration services that meet your requirements and are appropriate for your personal circumstances.


Incorporation and administration of a wide variety of corporate vehicles ranging from limited liability partnerships, private funds and collective investment structures to corporate commercial solutions and private trust companies.

Family Office

Independent from any asset manager, we work with you to meet your private office requirements either through collaboration with your existing team, or through establishing a time and cost-effective solution for you


Outsourcing fund administration, fund accounting and other back-office services to leave you free to focus on what really matters – investor returns.

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