Suisse. International. Independent.

– The TrustQore Story

Our Story

TrustQore is an independent trust and fiduciary business with offices in Switzerland, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands, South Africa and United Arab Emirates.

Originally established in Switzerland in 2000, it started as Geneva Management Group (GMG) and offered trust and fiduciary services which grew into a wider real estate and asset management business. It was rebranded as TrustQore in 2022 after a buyout by one of GMG’s existing shareholders.

The importance of our origins is acknowledged through our tag line and the use of the word “Suisse”. Our Swiss office is located in Geneva and serves our clients in Switzerland, Europe and UK. This was our first office.

Our second office is located in Mauritius. This has grown over time to be an important administration center and the front-office to our Africa operations. Our British Virgin Islands office provides an additional jurisdiction to offer to our clients.

Our tag line includes the word “International” as we operate across multiple jurisdictions spanning across 3 continents – this matches the global needs of our clients. The last word of our tag line is “Independent” as we are privately-owned and not associated with a wider group which may have different interests and focus.

Today, TrustQore has some 100 professionals (to include a number of experienced lawyers, qualified accountants, STEP qualified individuals and tax advisers) based in 4 jurisdictions. They are supported by a global network of “best partner” service providers. This approach enables us to deliver value driven global wealth solutions for international families, corporates and entrepreneurs backed by a vast amount of experience and expertise.


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford

We believe that quality and value should not be in binary opposition to each other. Leveraging our experience and expertise and our internal group structure, we believe we are unique in offering both.

Our internal group structure enables trust administration to be undertaken in a cost efficient manner in the jurisdiction which is most appropriate to deliver a client’s objectives. We have achieved this by implementing a seamless and efficient internal processes which enable work to be placed with the appropriately experienced individual at the correct price level. This avoids the situation where clients pay for more expensive resources to undertake routine tasks at a higher charge out rate or in more expensive jurisdictions. It is important to note that our client’s retain access to a dedicated Relationship Manager (who in turn is supported by a member of the Senior Management Team) to ensure that there is a single consistent point of contact.
In terms of continuity, many of our team have been with us for significant proportions of their careers. Whilst they continue to adapt and evolve professionally, so too does their knowledge of our clients. Truly understanding their clients and understanding their particular personal circumstances and businesses means that our team have become the trusted partners of those clients. The aim for any new relationships we begin is to obtain a deep understanding of the individual’s situation or family arrangements and to become a valued and essential part of their wealth journey.

Our Values

It is simple to determine a list of values and to include them on a page. What gives value purpose and meaning is witnessing them on a day to day basis. Here at TrustQore, the values set out below reflect our DNA, and we are accountable to each other across the group to ensure that they remain at the core of everything we do.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

Executional Excellence:
Quality is at our core.

We are open with our clients and ourselves.

We seek to continually evolve and innovate our services, anticipating the needs of our clients.

Our people are key to our success, and we invest in their well-being, their careers and their personal and professional growth. We are proud of our work community and the friendships it creates. We are passionate about our work and our service.